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Approx 1.4 pounds


Sirloin comes from the upper side area of a cow. It sits near Porterhouse and T-bone cuts and is above the loin. It's known for being a lean cut of beef and is commonly prepared by sauteing, grilling or broiling.


Meats from Lowland Farm come from animals that are humanely raised. Cows and sheep graze pastures and eat hay exclusively, the food that best suits their ruminant stomachs. They range across open pastures from birth to market, rather than live in confinement. this allows them to stay healthy and live free of antibiotics.

Out cows and sheep grow naturally, at nature’s pace, with growth-producing hormones. Grazing on fresh grass in summer and hay in winter, cows and sheep produce beef and lamb that’s pure in grass-fed flavor with all the benefits of natural pasturing.

Lowland Farm cows are mixed breeds of English heritage: primarily AngusHereford, and British White crosses. Lowland Farm cows spend their entire lives outdoors, in Lowland Farm’s fields and woods. They graze on pasture summer and, in winter, eat hay harvested from the bottom lands of our farm.



Lowland Farm is named for the flat expanse of rich, grassy pastures and fields that slope into lofty hills skirted by the rambling Pochuck Creek. In 2007, the farm was permanently protected under Warwick’s Purchase of Development Rights program.
At Lowland Farm we aim to raise our animals responsibly and to graze our land in a sustainable fashion. — Will Brown and Barbara Felton


Sirloin Steak

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